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K1100,K100,K75 fuel pump failure
02-08-2009, 06:01 PM
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K1100,K100,K75 fuel pump failure
Just having attended this months meeting where the problems with ethanol in fuel was discussed, I came home to find February issue of ON had been deleivered.
In it Paul Glaves explains what the ethanol fuels do to the older K bike fuel pump dampners. The ethanol in the fuel deteriates the rubber damper to the point where it is sucked into the pump and destroys it.
This leads me to beleive that storage of your motorcycle over the winter may result in fuel pump damper deteriation and possible pump failure if not checked before the first start of the upcomong riding season.
This information was not brought up at the meeting by the representative from the local BMW dealer.

Tim Sheehan
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