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Speed Bleeders
09-16-2012, 08:16 AM
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Wink Speed Bleeders
One of the things that is wise to do every year to 2 years is to flush the brake fluid from the lines on your bike and replace it with fresh fluid. Brake fluid begins to take on water over a period of time and begins to break down and eat away at your brake lines which can lead to more expensive problems and eventually a potentially dangerous situation. I wouldn't count on your BMW dealer to pick this up during scheduled maintenance unless you tell him/her specifically to address this in your service. An easy alternative is to install Speed Bleeders and do it yourself in about 15 minutes, it couldn't be easier. Speed Bleeders prevent air from getting into your brake lines and make if easy for one person to flush or bleed brakes without assistance. I installed the Speed Bleeders on my 2009 RT and did mine in about 20 minutes yesterday. There are instructions for how to do this on the BMWMOA website and I'd recommend the more expensive stainless steel Speed Bleeders because they will be less likely to break if you wrench on them too hard. It is really important to drape towels under the front brake fluid reservoir to protect your paint, because brake fluid will really do a number on it.........Again, I did this with no problem and I'm a mechanical moron, so it really is that easy.....I hope this is helpful, here's the link:
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