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Good Deal on a Garmin Zumo 665
11-12-2011, 09:28 AM (This post was last modified: 11-12-2011 10:08 AM by beemeup.)
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Good Deal on a Garmin Zumo 665
I was surfing the BMWMOA forum earlier this week and followed a post from a guy that bought a Harley Davidson Road Tech Zumo 665 from, an authorized Harley Dealer online. Here is the deal: do a parts search for: 76000014

It's a Garmin Zumo 665 which ordinarily retails for $799, they are selling them for $639.96, they'll quote shipping at $51, but if you send them a nice e-mail, they'll drop the shipping to $17.54 for a total of $657.50. If you buy the unit here, you get a 2 year warranty as opposed to the usual one year warranty you'll get from Garmin. If you go online and do a search for Harley Davidson Road Tech Zumo you'll find Harley's page on this and an offer for free lifetime map upgrades if you buy this from an authorized Harley Dealer, which Surdyke is.....(a $90 value) and fill out the form and send it have to have purchased the unit by 12/31/2011. Here are the only cons I can see: It has a black casing with orange letters on the bottom that says: Road Tech Zumo and it has a directory of all the North American Harley Dealers preloaded (I'm hoping this can be erased, but if not, it's not a deal breaker for me). I ordered one and I'll let you know how it works out. Here is Harley's you tube video of the unit:

If you go to the BMWMOA forum under gear you'll see the posting that I saw and can read it for yourself.

Let me say I don't work for Harley or Surdyke and have no financial interest in either of them. I'm posting this for the benefit of those who
might want to save some money on a top of the line motorcycle GPS. I figure a savings of roughly $141.00 off the retail price of $799.00 with a 2 year instead of a 1 year warranty and free lifetime map upgrades of North America and the use of Harley's trip planning web site that can be loaded into the GPS...... not a bad deal.

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11-20-2011, 04:54 PM
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RE: Good Deal on a Garmin Zumo 665
Here's the update: So the Road Tech Zumo 665 arrived last Thursday and it's a pretty amazing electronic farkle with many great features. On the downside, it does display the Harley logo when you turn it on and in the tools section it does have a tool for finding any Harley dealer in North America. The Zumo cradle has a clip on cap for when the Zumo is not in use and it has a small discrete Harley logo on it. I can see another BMW Deadhead Sticker in my future along with a fair amount of ribbing from other club members. I added a 16 gig SD micro card and downloaded my entire I-Tunes library into it and it barely put a dent in the micro card. On this wonderful warm November Sunday I opened the shed, pulled the cover off the bike and installed it. I went the route of using the BMW repair plug and the connector by the steering head of the RT. Finding the connection and installing it was the easy part, dealing with all the extra wire in the harness was the more challenging part of this installation. It works great and I can play the Zumo through my radio speakers. The volume/sound quality is excellent. So far so good. So I'm ready to take it out on the road and get more lost than I could have ever imagined. I tested it in the Jeep on the way to work one morning last week and it chose the most confusing way I could have found to go 5 miles. Happy trails, Don Wink
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