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NE Saddlesore 1000 from Augusta ?
03-09-2011, 07:31 PM
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NE Saddlesore 1000 from Augusta ?
I saw this online and had heard about it some time ago and I'm considering doing this ride. Has anyone in the club done this ride? What was your experience of this ride? How was the route? Any pointers or tips you would suggest? Anyone else in the club interested taking on this challenge? It would be more fun and safer doing it with other people. Any feedback or interested members welcome. Here's the link:

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03-15-2011, 10:46 PM
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RE: NE Saddlesore 1000 from Augusta ?
Hey Don,

Bob Griffin, Don Smith,and I did the NE1000 back in '02 (I think). Its a good ride that will likely take between 18 and 21 hours, approximately. Bob Collin has done it at least a couple times.

If your looking for a ride through New England, this will do it. We started at 3:00am so we'd beat the morning traffic across Rt 2. We did run into a bit of traffic in VT, and jumped on the 89 into So Burlington. We did the ride during the week in June, so considered our timing based on the traffic then.

Tips.... Watch for deer at 3:00am and so, we ran across plenty in Augusta and up I95. Rt 2 was quiet until we hit VT. The ride from Burlington south to New Haven was pretty uneventful, but a little wet. Take short breaks for fuel, a little something to eat, and some hydration. Don't drink too much water or coffee or you'll lose time on unnecessary stops. We took a long (45 minutes or so) break for dinner before heading north out of CT. Boston traffic, as always, was frought with lots of construction, rain, and trucks.

If you do a late night start, get some real sleep near the starting point. I'd also suggest getting a room after ending. Better to be rested on that short ride home than risking a mistake after so many hours on the road (BTDT).

Regarding riding buddies, I'd suggest keeping it to no more than two or three. The more riders, the more need to stop. If you have people with different riding styles, and speeds, you could end up wasting a lot of time at stops and not get back in time. Its also more stressful on a long ride when other riders aren't in synch. Find another rider with a similar style that you feel good riding with, and make sure you're communicating. The idea is to make the ride enjoyable and just keep riding.

Hope this helps.

Shawn Blair
'97 K1100LT, Mystic Red
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03-16-2011, 05:47 AM
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RE: NE Saddlesore 1000 from Augusta ?
Thanks Shawn,

This is very helpful information, thanks for posting it. I'm not entirely certain I'm going to do this yet, but
thought it would be good to get a good idea of what I would be getting into.

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04-14-2011, 02:26 PM
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RE: NE Saddlesore 1000 from Augusta ?
I would like to do this some year and be able yes I did it once. And the New England States would be a good place to do it. And as suggested in the company of one or two other riders. I have done 1100-1300 kms fairly easily, but never 1600 to get a 1000m/24h ride done.

Richard Shy

Richard Ward
Hanwell, NB
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