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Full Version: 2010 DownEast Rally T-Shirts are Ready!!!
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The 2010 DownEast Rally t-shirts are ready for you! Get your t-shirt now as we'll have limited quantities and limited size quantities. Due to overstocks in the past and the cost of printing shirts, we've had to limit the stocks this year.

BUT, you DON'T want to miss these shirts! Very cool! See more on our website at Go to the Rally page and scroll down to the t-shirt announcement.

Just in case, I'm posting pics of the shirts here.

Don't wait! Order them now and pick them up at the rally.

[attachment=10] [attachment=11]

Where can I go to reserve shirts? Is there a spot on the website I'm missing?

Nik Rende

I go both ways... K AND R...
I'll get that info and post it for you and others, Nik.
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