Forum Announcement: Welcome to the BMW RSM Forums!
03-31-2008, 11:21 AM
Welcome to the BMW RSM Forums!

These are the BMW Riders of Southern Maine discussion forums. The aim of this board is to have a place online for our members and friends to discuss all manner of club and motorcycle related topics.

The policies will be developed as we begin to grow. The overall policy is that this is a friendly place to chat. Slamming, flaming, vulgarity, and other uncivil behaviors will not be tolerated. That doesn't mean that members can't have a lively discussion. Keep it clean and friendly, or risk getting bounced. Violators of these policies risk immediate banning and their messages will be removed.

Anybody interested in BMW RSM and motorcycling can register to post in the General Forums. Unfortunately, due to heavy spamming attempts, all online registrations have been suspended. Please send an email to the administrator and I will manually set you up with an account. Please use a valid email address and select a username that makes sense. If you are a club member, please indicate so and I will enable the private forums for your use. And, thank you for your patience.

Enjoy! Send your comments or suggestions to the administrator.
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